Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lotsa tongue

Blast from the past.

Triva fun: His balls look like M&Ms

This baby tasts like...ME!

Something tells me he took someone's virginity in a porta potty at a traveling carnival. I can hear Color Me Badd playing now.

I didn't know they had metal poles at prom. Times are a changing.

At least she isn't in a maternity bridal gown doing this, right?

There is nothing like using a baby to sell cigarettes. Marlboro: Keeping it classy.

Sometimes people are really stupid.

Armpits should never look like a scrotum.

Photoshopping cats is ALWAYS a win-win situation.

Google image search results for: Stupid Bitch

The Hoff, then and now.

A real lady's man.

Chicken Techno

His Karma Chameleon must have been bad.

McDonalds crap

Meth Heads. We salute you!